Foundation Agreements

This result is achieved by specific provisions of the statutes of each company and Unilever PLC, as well as by a series of agreements between the company and Unilever PLC (para. B, the compensation agreement, the mutual agreement agreement and the mutual credit commitment agreement), the so-called foundation agreements. The Summer Foundation has obtained standard documents for different types of agreements: Please note that these documents are just examples. Organizations should use financial and legal advice to prepare agreements tailored to their own context. . – Fund holders can change their investment preferences twice a year. Contact Greg Beuris with questions. If the entity decides to implement the structure of the foundation in accordance with this section 2.3 (e), the parent and the investor will make reasonable efforts as soon as possible to take, do and do whatever is necessary to implement the structure of the foundation, in a proper or appropriate manner, including the execution and execution of all foundation agreements. . Changing the tracking form provides the basis for changes in your succession plan for your non-profit fund. If you would like to add or change your successor advisors, please use the Advisor Information Form. . Freedom of movement and residence exists throughout Cyprus, unless this Constitution or other parts of the foundation agreement or a constitutional law provide otherwise.

Fund name change form advises the Foundation if your fund name changes. We want transparency. We publish all of our donation policies for your evaluation. Real Property Inquiry Form Give information to begin the due diligence process for real estate donations to Community Real Property Holdings. . The Individual and Family Fund Advisor Information Form advises the Foundation in the event of changes to those authorized to act on behalf of the Gift Fund, including the addition or change of consultants, bank statement recipients and successor advisors. . The National Day of the United Republic of Cyprus is the day of the referendums on the foundation agreement. Grant Distribution Recommendation Form Requests distribution (s) from your Charitable Fund. Please note that you can also request grant distributions by creating a MyFFTC account. Cyprus maintains special friendly relations with Greece and Turkey, in accordance with the balance established by the Guarantee Treaty and the Covenant Treaty and the founding agreement, and grants them, by mutual agreement on appropriate conditions, treatment with most beneficiaries, as long as this is compatible with their obligations as members of the European Union and within the framework of the founding treaty.

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