S278 Agreement Hampshire

For the help of the section 278 agreements, E-Mail-roadagreements@hants.gov.uk designers and landowners enter into motorway agreements on motorway works related to new developments. 1. Ms. McCormick`s written confirmation (now McCart) referred to in her authorization letter to Mr. Upton on 22.01.14, 2. all documents on which this approval/confirmation was based, beyond what was in compliance with the conditional application of 11.09.13 [as noted above], 3. all road safety tests that have conducted authorized pedestrian access/cycles/emergency access to this development; 4) any correspondence with the EHDC, the applicant and/or the NHBC [building control body] on permanent pedestrian/cycle/emergency access from the state dump on 04.04.14. 5. any consultation with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service on this development, and 6.

the agreement s278 have the following information regarding the agreement you are requesting, at your disposal when you complete the application form: Motorway contracts are registered with the district, district or local council responsible and will be discovered if necessary as part of the fomented tax searches. On May 28, 2013, “Highways Area Surveyor – Petersfield,” as part of the consultation on the “Reserved Questions” application 52501/002 and on the basis of the applicant`s subscription 1311-PS-01 (block plan), made the following comments: “… The analysis of the path of swept was not …. The applicant must consider tracking the vehicles for an offer of firefighters… throughout the proposed residential construction, the road and emergency link on Brislands Lane to ensure that the proposed provision is sufficient to facilitate access to these types of vehicles. Given the magnitude of the work within the motorway border, it may be necessary for the emergency link on Brislands Lane to be provided by an agreement with the motorway authority under Section 278. This should be confirmed by The Hampshire County Council`s development plan. If a Section 278 agreement is not required, the applicant will require a section 171 section of Highway 1980 to create access to Brislands Lane to provide the emergency connection. …”. On September 10, 2013, the “Reserved Business” application, including the 1311-PS-01E subscription, was approved by the EHDC Planning Committee. 1311-PS-01E was indicated as an approved subscription on March 2, 2016.] On January 22, 2014, HCC authorized [by e-mail] the discharge of condition 21 attached to the approved planning request 52501/001.

HOWEVER, there is NOTHING in the information provided by HCC that indicates that they have any of the following knowledge: – the nature, weight or processing requirements of fire equipment that should be taken into account when designing the planned emergency fire access; The proposed finite plans to demonstrate safe and inclusive accessibility, the nature, scope and construction of pavers [and lowered curbs] that must be installed to ensure reliable and safe access for firefighters and firefighters] and to meet “essential” building rules requirements, all road/traffic measures [signalling, road markings] necessary to ensure the mouth of the fire access and Brislands Lane between access and Brislands Lane between access and Brei Road] , in case of emergency [which can by definition happen to EVERY TIME]. The design and location of the gates/rails, sufficient to ensure the safety of pedestrians/cyclists, while allowing firefighters access to acceptable and construction-compliant access facilities.

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