Sag Aftra Basic Agreement Rates

At the end of the day, you must register your production at SAG-AFTRA, where you validate your prices. While this guide is a great starting point, the use of salary software can help you estimate not only SAG rates, but also fringes, production insurance and taxes. The main values can be difficult to calculate and vary depending on prestige, contract negotiations, an actor`s experience and the nature of the role that is played. For background actor rates, it is simpler, but it nevertheless requires careful consideration when budget planning can be added to a background player tax as bumps, wardrobe modifications and accessories. Understanding SAG rates can be a difficult undertaking, even for the most veteran producers. As with all SAG matters, if in doubt, you should always post on your organization`s website. The prices of the daily and weekly headliners under this agreement are set at 65% of the scale of the basic agreement. While the main actors are usually paid well above the SAG minimum, the lowest you can pay to the lead actors under this agreement is this: if you produce a film, your project is now classified under SAG Theatrical Rates. With TV series, you would now be categorized as a simple cable show and maintained at this pay scale.

Under this agreement, the signatories are contractually obliged to cooperate with the main players of SAG-AFTRA and up to a maximum of 30 people for the background. The weekly prices mentioned above apply only for the five (5) days “studio week.” For a six-day “hosting week,” the interpreter automatically receives four (4) overtime hours at “peer time” rates. The weekly rate listed in the employment contract must be on the 5th (5th) day “studio week”, whether it is a place of accommodation or not. All overtime must be calculated on the 5th (5th) day of “studio week.” And unlike other SAG AFTRA theatrical agreements, you don`t need to provide theatrical performance as part of this agreement. Before you immerse yourself, it is important to create a detailed budget of your production, as this determines your specific SAG rates. Before you can even roll the camera, you need to send SAG a budget and a copy of your script. So, what`s here? I have put together a few tables below that range from a very high-level perspective to a deeper perspective. According to all this amazing data is a breakdown of rules and penalties by appointment. I go into naked saga plans for the day and weekly players, not to mention all things related to food and rest penalties, over time, 6th day, 7th day, and holiday payment rules and much more. So if you`re looking for a place that has what you need for sag rates and rules, you`ve found it, so tie yourself up and get ready. Based on this information, you can determine the SAG agreement or your contract.

From there, you`ll find the fees. SAG-AFTRA (“Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists”) is a union representing more than 160,000 film and television artists, radio actors, video games, radio and television advertisers, news anchors, singers and recording artists (both royalty artists and background singers) , performers in commercials and actors working as stuntmen and specialized acts. It is dedicated to protecting the interests of its members and improving wages, working hours and working conditions, and it does so through a series of contractual agreements (some of which are grouped above) applicable when one of its members participates in a production.

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