Ahs Confidentiality Agreement Norquest

If you have questions about obtaining your BLS/CPR certification or extension, contact FHCStodolist@norquest.ca. Once the module is complete, sign the privacy and usage agreement and send a copy of the signed agreement to FHCStodolist@norquest.ca. If you have a criminal record, it can have an impact on your clinical placement, program degree, professional license and job prospects. Interested students with criminal records should FHCStodolist@norquest.ca e-mail a discussion with the program manager before applying for admission. If you receive a digital PIC from the Edmonton Police Department, email it to FHCStodolist@norquest.ca. Some programs require you to take an injury prevention course like It`s Your Move (XHLT 1070) before the WIL (practice) experiment begins. You must obtain a certificate of completion within one year of the wil (practice) experience date. Email a copy of your certificate to FHCStodolist@norquest.ca. If you receive a pic document on paper, you can scan it and email it to FHCStodolist@norquest.ca so that this item on the “Tasks” list is marked as finished. You must then send the original PIC to the following address: Students in other programs are responsible for the costs associated with the mask adaptation tests. Once the tests are complete, send a copy of your documentation to FHCStodolist@norquest.ca. COVID-19 Update: Some of the following information has changed due to the closure of AHS Immunization and other local health units.

Follow these instructions carefully. If you have any questions, please contact the Centre for Growth and Harmony under wellness@norquest.ca. Email a copy of your card to FHCStodolist@norquest.ca. If you don`t adjust the above sizes, the following KC sizes are also acceptable; However, if you are equipped for a Kc mask, you must send FHCStodolist@norquest.ca by email at least two weeks before the start of your clinic to make sure it is available on your site. If you have already participated in NorQuest and have submitted vaccination documents, contact the Centre for Growth and Harmony to confirm that your vaccinations are still valid. AhS requires that a TB test be completed within one year of the start date of your program and breast x-rays are only valid if they are completed within six months of the start date of the program. If you have any questions about your vaccination needs, contact the Centre for Growth and Harmony at wellness@norquest.ca or 780.644.6155. For some programs, BLS/CPR certification is required. Once your training course is complete, email a copy of your certification to FHCStodolist@norquest.ca.

Once your vaccinations are complete, send your “immunization record” with a clear idea and wellness@norquest.ca the image via email. Your vaccination records are confidential. Email them to the email address wellness@norquest.ca. COVID-19 Update: The Cree office in the Edmonton area is not currently open to in-person service. Call 780.427.1471 to ask for an email. The completed application form must contain two copies of the ID, one of which must be the photograph number.

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