Andres Bello Agreement

Develop and present draft agreements on the protection and defence of cultural heritage, taking into account international agreements that have been concluded on this subject; The provisions of this Convention do not infringe on the rights and obligations of agreements signed by one of the countries prior to the entry into force of this Convention. In the territory of a Member State which is not a party to that convention, the provisions of the siege agreement or other acts to that effect with the organisation are defined. The government of the Republic of Colombia serves as a custodian. As a result, it retains the original text of the agreement and transmits a certified copy in accordance with the signatories and contracting parties. It also performs all functions assigned to custodians of international agreements under international law. Implementation and implementation of resolutions and other agreements of the ministerial meeting; agreements with states and international organizations; Authorize the conclusion of seat agreements with Member States; Member States organise meetings and cooperation programmes with a view to a timely exchange of information on topics of interest to them. After it enters into force, this Convention will apply to other countries, either as full members or as observers, in accordance with the procedures and conditions duly set by the meeting of education ministers. Member States encourage the development of multinational programmes for research, experimentation, innovation and technology transfer in the fields of education, science and culture. This Convention is not subject to reservations at the time of signing, ratification or accession. Instituto Iberoamericano de Patrimonio Natural y Cultural (INPAC), in Quito – Ecuador. El Observatorio para la Integracién Educativa (OBINED) se ocupa de hacer una lectura permanent de los procesos de integracién educativa que tienen lugar en la Regién, desde la mirada humanista que caracteriza toda su labor para contribute a la atencién y solucién de varios de los problemas comunes que

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